Terms & Conditions

The Penny Press is always sited on a split revenue basis and never sold outright, therefore it would remain the property of The Penny Press Ltd. As a company we have public liability insurance, however we are unable to insure the Penny Press on site, each individual site would take on this responsibility.

Due to Health & Safety Regulations the Penny Press machine needs to be securely attached to a permanent fixture, each individual site would take on this responsibility.

In the event of a Penny Press breaking down, The Penny Press UK Ltd would carry out all repairs Free of charge, in the event of Fire, Theft or Vandalism, each individual site would be responsible for the repair or replacement of the machine.

Risk Assessment & Method Statement

The Penny Press is a manual souvenir machine which requires no electricity so rarely malfunctions. In the event of a repair being needed on a Penny Press, we follow this procedure.

Upon arriving at the site we would assess the repair needed. If it's a minor repair such as replacing a coin mechanism we would carry out the work in situ. This would take approximately 10 minutes and there would always be 2 x technicians - one to carry out the repair & one to make sure the machine is safe to work on & to make the public aware.

Should the Penny Press require a more major repair we would transport it by sack truck, again with 2 x technicians wearing hi-vis vests, to a safe area which has been pre-arranged with the site. The repair would be completed & the Penny Press returned to its location by the same method. If the machine needs to be returned to the factory we would follow the same steps.

We would follow any fire instructions and any other emergency instructions given to us by the site and work within your Permit to Work procedures.